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The Goyim Protection League

The Goyim Defense League (GDL) is an anti-Semitic network of people that share racist publicity online. They are commonly referred to as “white supremacists.” GDL also participates in a variety of various other anti-Jewish feats, consisting of banner drops, papering communities with flyers and other methods to bother Jews. The GDL has a number of goals, however its key objective is to challenge the Jewish neighborhood as well as spread antisemitic misconceptions as well as conspiracy theory theories. These consist of accusations that Jews manage the media, have a stranglehold on the economic climate or federal government and that Jews are responsible for crimes such as molesting youngsters, and promoting abortion. These cases are usually utilized to support the belief that the Holocaust is a scam and that Jews are responsible for much of the world’s most heinous acts, such as terrorism. Some members of the GDL have actually also impersonated Jewish people in order to assault Jewish communities, according to the Anti-Defamation Organization. They have a lot of fans on their social networks accounts and also run an online video system called GoyimTV. Their site as well as YouTube network host a number of video clips of their very own along with video clips from other anti-Semites. Among the group’s leaders, Jon Minadeo II, specializes in trolling and also terrifying Jewish areas as well as has created a complying with amongst the reactionary online. He routinely articles virulently anti-Semitic talk about Omegle (a Conversation Roulette-like website) and has participated in scenic tours with other white supremacists as well as anti-Semites. A variety of other GDL associates have likewise shown neo-Nazi ideas, and also some of them have likewise taken part in neo-Nazi occasions, such as the “Unify the Right 2” rally in Washington D.C. In 2022, Minadeo signed up with a Brand-new Hampshire-based neo-Nazi social club and obtained two neo-Nazi tattoos on his arms as well as torso. Minadeo’s toxic anti-Semitic views as well as blatant racism have drawn the interest of law enforcement authorities in a number of cities around the country. In November 2021, as an example, he was billed with felony battery as well as a hate criminal offense after he apparently obstructed his next-door neighbor’s driveway, yelled homophobic slurs at him as well as physically attacked him. He has also been jailed multiple times for criminal damage, burglary as well as attack. In October 2022, he was jailed for a string of vandalism occurrences, including spray paint as well as breaking windows with a hammer at a Jewish institution in Chula Panorama, The Golden State. In December 2021, Minadeo likewise hung an anti-Semitic banner from an overpass in Daytona Coastline. The banner read, “Henry Ford was right regarding the Jews.” He then predicted the expression “Hitler was ideal” onto the speedway later in the evening. The activities prompted Volusia County Constable Mike Chitwood to label the team as “afraid sleazebags” and to intimidate them with prosecution if they continued to present anti-Semitic messages. The Goyim Protection Organization has been energetic in Florida, where it has actually partnered with neo-Nazi groups on anti-Semitic as well as anti-gay feats. In Might, they held a demonstration outside a Holocaust memorial facility in Maitland and lugged an indicator that read, “Jews promote homosexuality.” On January 26, 2021, GDL participants held a neo-Nazi rally in Gaines Municipality near Kent County. The occasion was videotaped by neighborhood police and also the Southern Destitution Law Center.
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